Longmeadow/Springfield Eruv

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Week of Parshas Balak
Tue, June 30
13 Tamuz 5775
Candle Lighting
      Early / Plag
      Rabbenu Tam
8:12 P
6:55 P
9:21 P
9:41 P

The Greater Springfield Eruv Corporation of Massachusetts, formed in June of 2006, has just completed the initial phase of the Eruv, encompassing two synagogues and more than half of Longmeadow. We expect to begin construction in the near future on the second phase that will expand the Eruv boundaries into the Trafton Road area of Springfield. Ultimately, we anticipate the Eruv to include the entire Town of Longmeadow and much of the Dickinson/Trafton area of Springfield. The Eruv is a milestone in the community's plan to enhance Jewish life for those who live in Longmeadow/Springfield and those who are considering a move to the area.

With very reasonable housing prices, a fortune 500 company, nearby universities and colleges and a major medical center, Longmeadow/Springfield is a great place to raise a family. The area boasts a Mikvah, JCC, Jewish Federation, large private Jewish philanthropic foundation, and a regional Jewish high school along with two Jewish elementary day schools and many other Jewish institutions and resources that make for a vibrant Jewish Life in Western Massachusetts. We are thankful that Western Massachusetts Electric Company has partnered with us to help make this project a reality. For more information please contact mayer@springfielderuv.org To check the Eruv status, call (413) 263-0396

Mayer Kahan
Chairman of the Eruv Committee

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