Longmeadow/Springfield Eruv

of Western Massachusetts


Eruv is Unchecked*

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To check the Eruv status, call (413) 263-0396


Eruv follows ravine abutting Porter Lake Dr. CAUTION: Most of Porter Lake Dr. is in, except for 100 yds. between Converse and the 2nd pole north of Converse. (Here, the eruv uses wires on east side of Porter Lake Dr., then crosses the st.)

Eruv follows wires on Dickinson. Sidewalk, Sinai Temple, and JCC are in, but stay on west side of poles! CAUTION: JCC LAWN ON CORNER OF DICKINSON & CONVERSE IS OUT! CROSSWALK ON CONVERSE AT MOUTH OF DICKINSON IS OUT!

Eruv follows wires on Converse. CAUTION: Only the south side of poles is in, therefore Georgetown, Jewish Nursing Home, Ruth’s House, Glenmeadow, and the Mikvah are OUT! Also, SIDEWALKS ON CONVERSE ARE OUT except for a small section on south side of Converse between Williamsburg Dr. & LYA.

Eruv transfers to fence and wires behind LYA. LYA including its ballfield are in. CAUTION: Eruv follows Dwight Rd. wires but the road itself is out!

Eruv follows wires through woods to Wolf Swamp Rd.

Eruv follows wires on Wolf Swamp Rd. Sidewalk on north side of road is in. CAUTION: WOLF SWAMP PARK IS OUT.

Eruv follows wires on Shaker Rd./Laurel St. CAUTION: Do not carry south of Woodsley Rd. However, sidewalk on east side of Shaker Rd./Laurel St. between Woodsley Rd. and Bliss Rd. is in.

Eruv follows wires on north side of Bliss Rd. CAUTION: BLISS PARK IS OUT. Sidewalk on south side of Bliss Rd. is in. Eruv follows wires on Burbank Rd. between Bliss and Converse. CAUTION: BURBANK ST. SIDEWALK IS OUT.

Eruv follows wires on Converse between Burbank Rd. and Porter Lake Dr. CAUTION: NORTH SIDE OF CONVERSE ST. IS OUT. However, south side sidewalk is in. (See Note 3. for Converse St. east of Dickinson)

- Questions: Call Congregation B'nai Torah 413-567-0036 -

Please note: An eruv extension is in the final planning stages. It would include much of the area from Converse Street north to Tiffany Street. To maintain the eruv and allow for this vital extension WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you can volunteer time or funds to keep the eruv in shape, please call the number above. The eruv will only remain up with your support. Thank you!

* The Eruv was last checked on Fri, July 10, 2015 by m davis
If you wish to continue receiving the Fri update, please send an email to springfieldcommunityeruv@gmail.com if you have not done so yet. ALSO THIS WEBSITE WILL SOON BECOME INOPERATIVE. The new eruv website is springfielderuvma.wordpress.com

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